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Indian Mastiff

Strength Roars, Majesty Soars, and Heritage Finds Home

Our unwavering mission is to preserve, promote, and protect the rich heritage of the Indian Mastiff. 


Through responsible breeding, comprehensive care, and a commitment to ethical practices, we aim to provide families with exceptional companions that embody the true essence of loyalty, strength, and love.

ASUR's legacy continues through his sons DUKE, TOBBY, TOFU, and daughters SIMI & LAILA. It's more than just genes – it's a family.

Founded on April 14, 2016, under the roof of Prabuddha International, we embarked on a journey to create a haven for these majestic dogs.

ASUR, India's first police dog, is part of our family. He served at Kalamba Jail Maharashtra 

for 3 years and is now enjoying retirement.

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