• Children friendly

  • Best guardian

  • Easily adoptable

  • Zero health issue

  • Low maintenance


Height: Male 28 to 34 inch , Female 26 to 32 inch
Weight: Male 60 to 90 kg , Female: 40 to 70 kg
Bite force: 748 psi , Bone size: XXXL 

Hair: Short cote, Skin: Thick, wrinkled 

Eyes: Small & rounded , Muzzle: Black & brown,

deep brisket, long back, muscular and strong boned, swift-footed, and strong jaws.

"Beast from East”

Prince of Wales's Indian mastiff won second prize.
"Best mastiff quality in the world"

- International Dog Show, London 1864

Its powerful, huge, valorous look with extreme strength attracted Alexander & many war leaders . Roman & British people used its pure bloodline to develop most Mastiff types of world.

Two types:  Bloodlines :  ALANGU & BOHLI