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1st Indian Mastiff Police Dog

'Assur' the Indian mastiff dog will now guard the Kalambha Central Jail, Kolhapur, to detect usage of illegal objects by the inmates.

When it comes to use of watch dogs by police, international breeds such as German Shepherds are always the preferred choice. Police in Kolhapur are considering local breeds for such tasks.

The two years old 'Assur' is 30 inches tall and weights about 60 kg. He is white in colour and has faint red spots on its back. He will now be watching over the Kalambha Central Jail for illegal possession items such as explosives, arms, mobiles or other electronic devices. The dog has been trained by Siddhartha Prabuddha from Westminister Kennel India.

Indian mastiffs are well known for their strength, loyalty and adaptability. These dogs are highly adaptable to Indian environment and food as they have existed in India since ancient times. There are documented stories of it since historic times. The dogs are intelligent and trainable which makes them a good choice for complex tasks. They are preferred choice by many families due to their child-friendly nature.

Kalambha Jail has recently been in news for the illegal possession of tobacco, drugs and mobile phones by inmates. The use of dogs to curb illegal prison activities has been suggested by Sr. IPS Officer, Chandramani Indrukar. On his trip to UK, he has witnessed first-hand the use of dogs by prison guards to catch criminals possessing illegal objects.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised India’s Canine Brigade and suggested people to use the local breeds, Indurkar immediately decided to use the go ahead with his plan.

Today, more and more people are opting for domestic breeds. The decision is also likely to aid the local population and will positively help in reducing the stray dog menace. It will also be a great opportunity for the local dogs to show their skills.

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