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Now, get your dog registered with pedigree details.

"Indian Mastiff Registry" working to help dog owners and breeders to maintain the bloodline details of their beloved dog, and supporting them with education of various caring practices. Registering your BullyKutta is important -

1. To get unique identity 2. To validate bloodline 3. To authenticate the ownership 4. To track your missing dog 5. To select other dog for breeding 6. To eliminate any faults in breeding 7. To publish data on a global portal 8. To help new pet parents to find responsible breeder

In addition, we are organizing dog show in every state of India in 2023, where your registered BullyKutta can prove their built and temperament.


Registration: Recording and maintaining pedigree database for public access. R&D: DNA profiling, Blood sampling, Bone & Muscle evaluation along with psychological factor impacting nature of dog. Education: Breed specific education to public. Breeding: Supporting breeders with scientific knowledge of Gene pool, Labor process, Mother & puppy care. Veterinary: Volunteering emergency veterinary practices with experts. Campaign against Ear cropping, Tail docking, Puppy mills and Health awareness to enable puppy buyers to identify responsible breeders.


To record and maintain the pedigree registration database. To research and strengthen the genetic structure and its impact on breeding. To standardize the breed focusing on Phenotype and Psychology. To advocate for scientific breeding practice.

To ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.

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