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Indian Mastiff Dog is the most ancient dog breed.

This mighty dog ​​is used (traditionally) mainly in North India to protect the house, stationary, goats / cows / chickens from wild animals like leopards, wolves, wild boar, etc.

This dog breed found in Maharashtra, since 1861. Royal families of Satara-Kolhapur have been known for using this dog for hunting & guarding by the impression of their "big jaws" and "strong builds".

In 326 BCE, Alexander took this fighting dog outside India; and many new mastiff breeds were born by breeding this powerful dog with the local dog breeds found on his way back.

After British invasion, several "thick" and "tall" European dog breeds entered India, but, could not face Indian Mastiff in fights. Then British Prince, King Edward took a pair of "Indian Mastiffs" to London in 1863, and following year the dog was declared "Best Mastiff quality" at the first international Dog Show.

Even today, the powerful "Indian Mastiff", which is thousands of times better suitable for the weather of Indian subcontinent, comparing the Western breeds like Cane Corso, Pressa Canerio, Boer Boel, Dogo Argentino, Pitbull, Rottweiler, etc. proving its uniqueness with excellent alertness, stylish structure and extreme loyalty.

This giant, being very protective to his owner (family); can be a nightmare for trespassers.

- Siddhartha Prabuddha

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