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Male 28 to 34 inch    Female 26 to 32 inch


Male 60 to 90 kg    Female: 40 to 70 kg

Bite force: 748 psi

Bone size: Heavy XXL 

Hair: Short cote

Skin: Thick, Wrinkled 

Eyes: Almond, Rounded

Colors: White, Black, Brown, Brindle 


"Best mastiff quality in the world"

Prince of Wales's Indian Mastiff dog Won Second prize at International Dog Show Royal Agriculture Hall, London 1864

Its powerful, huge, valorous look with super strength attracted Great Alexander & many other war leaders.

The Assyrian kings of ancient civilization of Assur, uses Indian Mastiff for the chase of wild animals.

Roman & British used its pure bloodline to develop most known Mastiff types of world.

Children friendly  
Best guardian
Easily adoptable
Zero health issue
Low maintenance

Indian Mastiffs are super intelligent, working dog breed. They are easily trainable; loyal and protective of their human family; good with kids.

They can easily adapt to any type of home. Their overall health is very good, and do not found any special health-related problems.

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